Essential do’s and don’ts of Email Marketing

If you are planning to design an exceptional email marketing campaign, you need to be clever. In order to attract attention and get noticed in the already flooded inboxes, you have to have a unique approach. After all, if email marketing is easy and free, almost everyone is trying to get hands on it. So, so how do you get your chance? Here are the dos and don’ts when it comes to Email Marketing:


  • To get the most out of your email marketing campaign, you need to be dedicated while sending emails.
  • It is always important to send a neat and clean copy. Make sure it is to the point.
  • Easy to understand emails are always better because they convey the right message.
  • Keep it in mind that your email letter appears good on mobile as well as most of the emails are read on mobile phones.
  • Come up with original ideas that explain your purpose to the best and are also valuable to your readers.


  • Don’t just send emails for the heck of it. Give your readers something valuable.
  • Don’t barrage your copy with too many and unnecessary links. It’s annoying.
  • Don’t put unnecessary images in your copy.
  • Changing you name again and again will not give your readers a sense of reliability. Be certain, be consistence.

Don’t copy and paste content from other sources. Be specific, be certain.

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