How to be creative when it comes to Email Marketing?

Creativity is the key behind all successful ventures and so it is the paramount when it comes to promoting your product through emails electronically. But, what is that approach towards creativity? How to think out of the box to stand apart from the crowd? Through this article, we are attempting to answer few such questions, so read on:

  • Sending product/service related videos: If we say that watching videos on the internet has occupied a great space in our lives, it is certainly not wrong. So, sending video through emails to your clients is a great way to grab their attention. Make sure that the plot is short and to the point.
  • Generating newsletters: This one is the most common way of email marketing where companies generate newsletters for their users in order to keep them updated. Newsletters are only sent if the user has subscribed to them. It can free as well as paid.
  • Offering coupons for deals: This is another great way and is used by almost all brands out there. Offering customers discounted deals is a great way to involve them in your marketing sphere.
  • Making the reader feel special: This is just like offering discounted deals but the customised ones. These deals are offered to your special customers and can be especially customised for them.

Offering a useful guide: This guide depends upon the forte of your organisation and shouldn’t be necessarily promotional. You can offer your customers style guide, travel guide, health guide, fitness guide among others depending upon your specialities.

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