The examples of best email marketing campaigns! Which one you choose?

Not all the promotional mails that we receive everyday are useful. Similarly, few times, there can be few eye-catchers that not only catch our attention, but also they come out to be useful. So, how do you plan an email marketing campaign, which is useful for your readers? You can withdraw inspiration from the followings:

1) Charity: water: This is one such organisation that keeps their donors updated about every bit that they donate in charity. All their email are focused to provide accurate information to people as to where their charity money is being used.

2) BuzzFeed: Their short and punchy headlines are enough to catch their eyeballs of the readers. From their unique content to glorious copy designs, everything is amazing.

3) Uber: Of course, these mails are focused to give the customers alert notifications about new offers. But, why Uber is in this list is because of the simplicity with which the team sends its newsletters.

4) TheSkimm: Their newsletters are meant to celebrate special days of the readers. Their creative approach towards making their readers share their content further is also very impressive.

5) Mom and Dad Money: Reading an email from a friend or family is always important than from someone else whom you don’t know. So, Mom and Dad Money write you emails just like they are your friends and asking for favours.

6) Postmates: GIFs are the USP of their newsletters. Their emails are not only a delight to watch, but you always crave more and more.

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