Three steps of creating an email promotion campaign

Good that you have decided to make email promotions part of your online marketing campaign. Now, the next step is to create promotional emails that serve the purpose. Keeping in mind few basic steps can ease out the entire process and you can draft a neat and clean email promotion copy. Here’s the guide:


Which kind of business: Every kind

Purpose: To reach out to multiple customers and attempting to generate leads

Key aspects: Has to be short and sweet. Be creative to use graphics but not excessively


  • Make it clear: People don’t take the time to read all email in their inbox, but if your offer is clear, why would you be neglected? Make it clear through your email as to what is the deal and how they can get it. Simple!
  • Sense of importance: If there is a solid reason to be quick, customers will never let the email sit in their inbox. So, be specific about the time period of your offer and let customers feel a sense of importance and urgency.

Short and sweet: Remember that something, which your customers are receiving ‘n’ number of times a day, has to be short and sweet. It shouldn’t spin unnecessary stories and sing songs of your brand. Don’t explain much and don’t write much. Also, don’t bombard your email with heavy images, fonts and GIFs. As we said, be short and sweet.

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